Public Masses at St. Joseph’s Church

Good News!

We are very happy to announce that public Masses are back at St Joseph’s Church as follows:

  • Weekday Masses on Thursdays and Fridays at 9:15 am.
  • Sunday Masses 6:00 pm Saturday Vigil Mass and 8:30 and 10:30 on Sundays

Booking System

Because we will still need to follow the social distancing rules, we can only accommodate up to 40 people for every Mass. For weekday Masses, you can just turn up. If more than 40 people come, we will follow a first-come-first-serve policy.

For Sunday Masses (including the Saturday Vigil Mass), you will need to reserve a place – you cannot just turn up. To reserve a place, click the reserve button below.

Stewards Wanted

We can only resume public Masses if we have enough stewards to ensure the safety of everyone. We will need at least four stewards per Mass so do consider volunteering if you can by sending us a message via the Contact Us form.


What about Confessions?

We hope to re-introduce Confessions every Saturday. More details will be published as soon as possible.

Please remember …

We are obviously delighted that we will be able to welcome you once again to Mass at St Joseph’s. However, please bear in mind that this does not mean that the pandemic is over. It is still very much with us, and so it is important that you follow instructions from the stewards when you are in the church.

But due to strict government policy of making everyone safe as we gather together, we are now asking for volunteers to help us re-open safely.

We will be needing 4 volunteers please at each service who are willing to be steward and/or clean after each service.


If you want to Volunteer, please complete and submit the form below. Thank you very much.

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